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The secret to a perfect lawn is not just in using top quality turf but in making sure that the top soil underneath is blended and certificated so that your new lawn will continue to look fantastic as it matures.



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Square Square



Square Square






We are delighted to announce that we have won 2 of the top acolades at the Marshalls Regional 2013 Awards:

'Best Patio Transformation over 70m²' and

'Best Creative use of Marshalls Products in the South East'

When we first decided to replace our drive we spent day after day looking at one lack lustre driveway after another until eventually we came across one that stood out as being exceptional.


We knocked on the door and were surprised to learn that it was already four years old and had been installed by Perfect Paving who were recommended to us as people who had the highest standards – we looked no further.


Eddie has an amazing artistic and special imagination that enables him to see the exciting possibilities which exist in boring areas of paving. He can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary!


Mr. R Turton – Chislehurst




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