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We are delighted to announce that we have won 2 of the top acolades at the Marshalls Regional 2013 Awards:

'Best Patio Transformation over 70m²' and

'Best Creative use of Marshalls Products in the South East'

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3 Simple Steps for a PERFECT patio:


1. Search for and contact local “cowboys” and ask for ideas, inspiration, planning, reliability, skilled tradesman and honesty. Discuss budget, availability and guarantees. STOP! Realise very quickly that local “cowboys” do not possess any of the above talent and start search elsewhere.


2. Contact Perfect Paving Ltd – no need to ask for ideas, inspiration, planning, reliability, skilled tradesman and honesty, ETC. It comes as standard. The package also include's: a very friendly and extremely hardworking team from beginning to end. PPL has skilled craftsmen, who can give you exactly what you’ve asked for. You will also receive unlimited advice on bedding plants, lawns, garden lighting and schools! Nothing is too much trouble.


3. Sit back and enjoy their wonderful creations for many, many years......


The Fairley’s - Keston



As we come to the end of a very exciting 7 week transformation of our garden Gavin and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the beautiful way you have transformed our garden form dull and ordinary to Spectacular and Beautiful!! It is amazing!!! We can’t believe what you have done with the minimum of fuss and disruption.

We keep on walking around the garden and saying -


“Oh this is beautiful”... “Oh this is amazing”... “Oh no this is really, really, special” and so on and so on. The end result has far exceeded our expectations. Before finding Perfect Paving we had a few quotes done by other companies but nothing they came up with excited us... and then you came along Eddie and there was an instant connection with you... you knew exactly what we wanted.... and with your creative mind and passion to achieve excellence you gave us the garden we had only dreamed of.


I often say a little prayer of thanks that we chose Perfect Paving to do our garden.


Colleen and Gavin – West Malling



I have been in construction management for over 40 years and have been impressed with the organisation, skill and high quality of workmanship displayed by Eddie and his team. It is clear that Eddie is dedicated to producing work of the highest quality, and his attention to detail is exceptional.


The work has been carried out, often in extremely unpleasant weather conditions, with the minimum of disruption and inconvenience to ourselves and our neighbours.


The finished product is excellent.


R.J. Davie -  Orpington