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The permitted development rights allowing householders to pave over their front garden for hardstanding without planning permission have changed.  As of 1st October 2008 planning permission will be required to lay traditional impermeable driveways that allow uncontrolled runoff of rainwater from the front gardens onto roads, because this can contribute to flooding and pollution of water courses.  However, householders will not require planning permission if they use permeable paving, or have sufficient drainage or soak away to ensure runoff from non-permeable surfaces does not go into the roads.


With the new permeable paving every paver allows water to permeate and directly enter the ground so that the drainage system does not come under pressure.  As a Permeable Paving trained installer you can have the peace of mind that your new drive would be designed and constructed to meet the new legal requirements.


In a completely natural environment, rain, sleet and snow would fall onto open land, soak in the ground and then gradually make its way through the soils and sub-soils towards a local stream or river, recharging natural aquifers en route. Drains, sewers, and culverts by-passed this natural process, denying the ground the chance to soak up as much of all that water as possible.  







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Permeable paving, and other SuDS technologies, aim to redress the balance, by re-creating attenuation and allowing the ground to absorb, store, and gradually release collected water in a more controlled manner, much like a great big huge soak away.





We are delighted to announce that we have won 2 of the top acolades at the Marshalls Regional 2013 Awards:

'Best Patio Transformation over 70m²' and

'Best Creative use of Marshalls Products in the South East'


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