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Perfect Paving has built a strong reputation through delivering punctual, quality work.  


We are among the best design and build companies in the area and pride ourselves on the standard of service that we give.


Our highly skilled team are artists with stone, working in natural and manufactured materials.


All of our projects show keen attention to detail and commitment to the excellence of our work.


Our craftsmen provide a quality bespoke service creating a sense of place through imaginative designs.


We believe our level of workmanship and commitment to our art is second to none, so if you require a well managed project with superior levels of customer care then we are the company for you.


We are delighted to announce that we have won 2 of the top acolades at the Marshalls Regional 2013 Awards:

'Best Patio Transformation over 70m²' and

'Best Creative use of Marshalls Products in the South East'

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Perfect Paving – the best, without question! Initially we found three contractors from the Marshalls register with good names. We asked all three to visit and quote for the work around the house and pool. That is when the difference started. All three were very friendly, professional and helpful but there was a difference. We met Eddie and thus began an adventure rather than a paving project.


Eddie’s passion for his work struck us immediately and we soon began to benefit from his creative vision and commitment to creating something beyond the ordinary. Perfect Paving has produced a finished result that has been universally praised. On many occasions other contractors working in the area have stopped to look and praised his work as the best they have seen.


The daily delight of looking outside at the result has made my wife and I so happy!


Mr. and Mrs. Crook - Oxted